Music Lessons

Would you like to learn to play a musical instrument, or do you need help taking your skills to the next level? I would love the chance to teach you! I’ve worked with ages 3 – 75, and to date, I’ve taught a total of 301 students. Don’t miss out on the many benefits of playing a musical instrument, including:

Problem solving and logic!

Improved motor skills and coordination!

Goal setting and completion!

Artistic expression and fun!


And that’s only the beginning! There’s so much more! I’m currently available for private, in-home lessons (schedule permitting) in the Newport/Mesa area (Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, etc.), and also for private lessons world-wide over the internet (via Facetime, Google Hangouts, and Zoom) worldwide!

What We Can Work On Together

What do you want to work on? Topics we can study together include: guitar, drums, piano, bass, vocals, recording concepts, songwriting, music theory, performance coaching, and much more! Whether you want to pursue music as a career, or just want to learn to play some of your favorite songs, I can help you work out a plan to achieve your goals!

How Lessons Work


In-home lessons are generally 1/2 hour in length (though some students choose to go for a full hour), once a week. All lessons are tailored to meet whatever goals we decide on together. We can choose to strictly stay on track, or we can work on whatever inspires you at the moment (a song, or technique you want to learn). Having the flexibility to deviate from our course helps keep things fun!


Online lessons (via Facetime, Google Hangouts, and Zoom) are also generally 1/2 hour in length, and are a great option to use if you want to study at your own pace. They are available worldwide, and can purchased through Paypal. Lessons can be redeemed weekly at a scheduled time/date, or saved and used when needed. Online lessons will generally follow the same format as in-home lessons.

Before Your Lesson / Cancellation Policy

Be sure to have your instrument in tune before your lesson, and if we’re meeting online (make sure your internet connection is working). Also, please note that if you need to cancel your lesson, please do so as quickly as possible! While we can always reschedule, I need at least 6 hours notice, or unfortunately, I’ll have to charge you a $10 cancellation fee. However, if I have to cancel/reschedule our lesson and don’t give you at least 12 hours notice, you get your next lesson for free!

Questions About Teaching?

If you have questions about private lessons, let’s talk! Email me at:, and I’ll get back to you as quickly as my schedule allows!

Student Resources

I have a free metronome app I’ve developed (with Okunarium Labs) called “Keep Time” that will help you to work on your timing. Get it HERE.

Additionally, I have created several Play-Along Drum Tracks (available on YouTube) that are great for practice and writing sessions. You can learn more about my Play-Along Drum Tracks HERE.

What Students Have To Say

Michael S. (Huntington Beach, Ca)

Chris covered every aspect of music for me, whether it was theory, stage presence, technique, or live and studio work. He helped me gain the information to continue to grow as a musician. From being a shy unconfident kid who timidly played the guitar to being a part time worship leader for a church is amazing, thanks to him.

Corbin R. (Costa Mesa, Ca) 

Chris Bright taught me drums for around 2-3 years and I loved every minute of it. His patience and experience made the lessons very easy-going and interesting all at the same time. Through his passion for music, I was inspired to pursue all avenues of music as well.

Hunter W. (Costa Mesa, Ca)

Chris is the best guitar teacher that I have ever had, because he teaches you to play the types of songs that you want to learn.

Liam G. (Costa Mesa, Ca), age 12

I would recommend Chris as a music teacher. He really tries hard to make learning as fun as possible.

Nash M. (Costa Mesa, Ca), age 15

Chris is a great guitar teacher, and a great friend.

Michael C. (Huntington Beach, Ca)

He is a very patient teacher for beginners and I was a beginner, but now I play pro songs!

Sophie B. (Huntington Beach, Ca)

Christopher has been teaching me piano for a few years. He is a really good teacher, and he is really good at explaining how to put rhythms together without it being confusing at all.

Griffin B. (Newport Beach, Ca)

When Chris teaches, he keeps things interesting by using current and fun songs so it’s not boring.

Anna Z. (Newport Beach, Ca)

I took guitar lessons from Chris for about two years. His personality, skills, and guitar instruction were excellent and made learning guitar super fun. Chris was one of the few teachers that motivated me to keep practicing and keep improving.

What Parents Have To Say

Samantha H. (Huntington Beach, Ca)

Christopher is an amazingly talented music teacher and is fantastic with children. He has a way of not only keeping my 6 year old engaged, but she is understanding notes and song composition. I would recommended him to anyone who wants their child to learn an instrument.

Cynthia M. (Costa Mesa, Ca)

For over 5 years Chris has been a consistent, positive influence in my teenage son’s life! His teaching methods and the styles of guitar music they are working on have varied, ranging from worship music to 80’s rock. Chris’s love of all kinds of music is evident in the way he teaches and creates music with his students. His style of teaching is to enjoy it with them, not teach it at them.

Rick and Merlyn W. (Costa Mesa, Ca)

Chris has done a great job working with our son and keeping his interest in the guitar by teaching him the songs he likes. They have even started composing their own songs.

Eugene S. (Huntington Beach, Ca)

Both of my kids showed a great interest in music early on, but it wasn’t until they started lessons with Chris Bright that they really began to blossom. Chris has a way of not just teaching music, but getting the music into them so that they understand it and think it. I wish I had an exposure to music this way when I was a youngster, I probably would have done more with it.

Greg G. (Costa Mesa, Ca)

I recommend Chris as your music instructor. He has a great passion for music and a great personality.

Cita G. (Costa Mesa, Ca)

Christopher goes over and beyond for the student. He makes the kids really learn about the theory, besides just having fun.

Debra C. (Costa Mesa, Ca)

You was a great teacher to my son. At 10 years old, he taught him how to play. At 11, he was playing for his school. By time he was in Jr. High and High School, he was playing for his church. He looked up to you as a role model, and you were a great teacher in drumming.

Gemma P. (Newport Beach, Ca)

Chris worked with my son’s ability and built up his self esteem to improve and perform with confidence.

Chris B. (Newport Beach, Ca)

Chris is a great music teacher for teens. He relates well with his students and keeps them interested with current music. My son picks the songs and artists he is interested in, and Chris is able to teach him to how to play them.

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